The association introduces itself

DNUG e.V. is THE German community of users of IBM collaboration products.

Since its foundation in 1994, DNUG has established itself on the market – by constant professionally evaluative communication – as a force to be reckoned with and as a competent partner for dialogue. DNUG considers enterprise collaboration as one of the pillars of modern corporate management.

The user community’s objective is to promote the best possible utilization of the installed platform. In order to achieve this, DNUG

  • is in close contact and constant communication with the manufacturer IBM
  • facilitates exchange of experiences, knowledge and transfer of know-how
  • organizes conferences and other events
  • operates a networking platform for clients, business partners and universities
  • supports the young collaboration experts by means of the university Initiative

DNUG is committed to the benefit of its members. Therefore, a code of conduct is imposed on all DNUG bodies which takes into account the nonprofit character of the association and prevents abuse.

An essential part of DNUG’s organization is based on the specialist groups founded in 2016. They organize workshops and prepare the contents of the annual conference.